Week 10 My reflection

Hello, Robert and my dear e-classmates

Time flies!  I can clearly remember the moment when I got a welcome e-mail from UO. I feel as if it had been only yesterday. 

1.      What topics were most successful? Most useful for you?
Let me write three most successful and useful for me.
(1)   Three most successful topic: The below helped me promote my final project plan.
A.     Week 4 Discussion: Reading/writing skill-building websites.
B.     Week 6 Task: Interactive Power Point.
C.     Week 9 Task: Create an online course site or an exercise to use online or offline.

(2)   Most useful topic:
A.     Week 3: Task: Create a Delicious page
B.     Week 7: Learner Autonomy
C.     Week 9: Discussion: Learning styles
Especially, Week 9 Discussion broadened my perspective of students’ learning styles.  As I teach at a Special-Needs School, I have often seen the disabled children who have their own learning styles.   I learned nine categories of learning styles and started to learn how to plan lessons adjusted to them. 

2.      Which tools will you use in your classes? :  The below are four tools/websites included in my project plan.  Interactive PowerPoint slides (on-line) will be my “must item” for my teaching. 
(1)   Quizlet
(2)   PowerPoint
(3)   Sype
(4)   Google site (wiki)

3.      Which, if any, do you think were not relevant to what you do or will do?
No, nothing!

4.      What other tools might we have covered or would you suggest that we could have looked at?
(1)   iPad(2) and its applications for educational use
Although it is not so prevalent, considering the future of interactive e-learning, putting some articles or websites to additional reading might be beneficial.

(2)   Task using “Turdy” or “Audacity”
This might be a good opportunity to have participants more skilled in making reading or listening lesson plans.

5.      Others
  After finishing this course, first thing I have to do is carrying out my final project plan.  Second, I would like to collaborate with co-workers to change some individual syllabuses with technology.  Third, this is not realized right now, but not in the future, I would like to change a correspondence course high school in my prefecture because it is now totally paper-based.  

I am getting better, and going back to school so soon!
Thank you everybody, everything I have met and learned in this course.
Good luck!

Toward our bright future!


  1. Hi Masa,

    Nice post. You summarized well what we did. As you said, this was a wonderful course with wonderful experiences and a lot of learning. We worked a lot, but this has definitely paid off. Good luck!


  2. Hi Masa,

    While reading your post I thought about our future collaboration. We learned a lot and much more we'll have to learn to become 'profi' in using technology for language teaching.
    We are lucky as we had such a great chance to study together, share and exchange our "international experience".

    I wrote a farewell poem about our 'adventures'. You can find it on my blog: http://elmira-princess.blogspot.com

    Enjoy reading it!

    Best of luck,