Week 9: My reflection

1.    Discussion: Learning styles
[What I learned]
I have believed, “So many students, so many learning styles.”  This is what I learned from my career as an English teacher. 
Thanks to thoughtful posts and the materials of this week, I learned nine learning styles; Verbal-Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical/Rhythmic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalist, Existentialist, and also learned how to apply technology to each style. 

[What I thought]
As I posted to “Nicenet”, I would like to start with grasping students’ learning styles by using both technology and observing students’ performance, and challenge “Adding Alternatives” or “Learning Cycles” which Terry O’Connor (Indiana State University) stated in his article.  Now my class size is very small, I think my present environment/setting is quite easy and suitable to test these two theories. 

2.    Project Plan, not Report
It is regrettable that I had to change from Project Report to Project Plan for my health problem.  However, I did my best to think about a newly technology-based lessons, syllabus and timetable.  Happily, I have been getting better day by day, and I am looking forward to having classes with my students soon. 
3.    Others
(1)  Afterschool program!?
Articles about “Afterschool program” also interested me so much.  In Japan we do not have such well-organized system.  I was surprise to find that supporting homework is only a part of it because before reading those articles, I thought it was similar to “Jyuku”, or cram schools[private tutoring schools], but actually it was totally different.  Here again, technology played significant roles in various aspects.  This gives me a precious “seed” to think about from now on.
(2)  My “Delicious”
I started using “Delicious” when I entered this course.  As of now, I keep more than two hundreds websites that Robert showed us and I found.  Labeling all these to “Masa-friendly” is another job, maybe after finishing this course

We are going toward the last week of this wonderful course together...


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  1. Hi Masa,

    I am sorry to know you were sick. I hope you feel much better.

    As you said, this is going to be our last week and I feel we have learned a lot. This last week was productive because we learned about multiple intelligences and learning styles. I still need to find out more about these two concepts though.

    Get better soon!