Week 6: What was done, what happened and what I am doing.

1.    Quizlet: For the vocabulary review as homework.

[Good points]                       
This was perhaps her first time to do homework by herself except for her mom’s setting up a computer.  She studied the vocabulary review with on-line “cards” by several types of practices. In the final test (multiple choices) she got the perfect.

[Points to be improved]
Some of the definitions in English that were automatically inserted were difficult. The function is quite time-saving, and next time I have to use on-line dictionaries for some basic learners such as LDOCE(Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)

2.    WebQuest:  For her further practice in reading and listening as homework

[Good points]
On the WebQuest, she could jump to some websites by just one click. She could get to know and learn what she wanted to know with her mom.  Her mom had been a learning assistant, but this time they could enjoy learning and talking over the movie that they watched.

[Points to be improved]
The total level was so high. Yet, she did not use a dictionary due to her “schema”, a background knowledge about the content.

3.    What I am doing
I am making a lesson plan in which I will use a combination of “Quizlet” and a film clip on eslvideo.  Although she has difficulties in reading and cannot write and pronounce very well for her disabilities, she likes listening and good at learning things by listening.  So, I am sure this type of lesson helps her get better in English.

I am now very worried if I could do well in the final project, but I will do my best, and enjoy studying English together with her and her mom.

Wonderful but endless sea of websites and e-learning...


  1. Hi Masafumi,

    It seems to me that you are doing a great job. From what you mention and I remember, you are working with a girl who has a learning disability, and your task is to enhance her learning skills with the help of technology through a WebQuest, Quizlet, and a filmclip. I am curious about how you will be using the film clip on eslvideo.

    I admire your passion and effort on this project.


  2. Hi, Genny.

    Thank you for your comment.
    This course is very tough, but I am quite sure that what we learn and share will benefit us so much and give it back to our students.

    Yes, she is cerebral-palsied and has an LD. Yet she likes English, especially listening English. I started preparing my final project as you wrote.

    I do hope this will be the first step for her to be an autonomous learner using a computer and the Internet.

    Thank you again, and hope you do well in your final project.

    Masa from Japan