Week 6: Better use of PPT, Better user of PPT!

Hello, Robert and my e-classmates,

What I thought and learned

1. Discussion: I chose the first topic.
(1)  My first post
I mentioned about “Priming”.  I learned the importance of “Priming” , and after finishing my first post, Robert gave me a good question,

“Can you think of any other ways to engage students with cell phones and mobile technology?” 

This reminded me of the situation in my 10th graders’ class.  They all have their own cellphones.  I could think of three activities for three functions, voicemail, taking pictures, and taking movies.  Talking of a speech class, this can be applied to those who are absent from school.  Even if they cannot come to school, they can send me their performance attached to the e-mail. 

Next time when one of them must be hospitalized for a long time, I am quite sure that this will be very helpful.

(2)  My second post
I mentioned about how I could make in-class discussions more interactive when teaching large classes.  On my second thought, I just have to “copy & paste” what students wrote on the blank sheet.  Now I do not think it is so helpful and useful. Yet, the opposite way, from teacher to students, it is so helpful and useful.  For example, in role play classes, a teacher can send a “secret” instruction to each at the same time. 

2. Task: I chose “Jeopardy” for the review of vocabulary
As the student (5th grader) cannot go outside for his disease, I used pictures, sound, and movies to stimulate his interest more.  So I tried to choose them from the website abroad.  I hope some of them help him get more interested in English and foreign countries.

3.    Others---What I am just thinking about…
(1)  Using PPT or iPad2 off-line for the bedside lesson.
(2)  Making a curriculum of an interactive-learning course for English I
*In Japan “English I” is a compulsory subject for graduation.
(3) How to use “Skype video call” effectively.

Now the bright future of “Interactive e-learning” is being coming in sight…!??

P.S. Somehow, my "Odiogo" doesn't work well.  Does anybody know why? 


  1. Hi Masa,

    I am impressed! Your list looks great! I liked your idea of using cellphones for recording the voices, sending the voicemail, and creating the video. Besides, you mentioned all the main steps of creating an interactive PowerPoint slide show.

    The week has finished and there is really very much to reflect on. The most challenging and interesting point was creating the slide show. I had real difficulties but with the help of our tutor and classmates I accomplished the task.

    The course helps us not only to develop our teaching skills but it also brings changes to our classrooms.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi,Elimira,

    I am very glad to get your encouraging comment. In this course, I could share a lot with you and other e-classmates, and that brought not a few changes to my classes.

    Actually, here in Japan, almost all high school students have their own cellphones. In addition, so called "smart phones" have been replacing them so rapidly. So, I am thinking of how to use this next generation mobile terminal devices.

    As for PPT, I challenged "keynote" for iPad2. Each of them has both merits and demerits. If I could master how to use, I would prefer the latter, iPad2 partly because we have mainly use touching pinching-in & out and less typing.
    Have you used it before?

    Now we have passed the halfway mark and four weeks are left to complete our final project.

    Let's keep on good study in the latter half of the course!

    Masa, from Japan

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  4. Hi Masa

    I'm interested in your last consideration. It seems that you would provide a sort of fresh encouragement to your students. That's a great idea. I also think about how to create curriculum for web skills or interactive-learning course as this issue would be more beneficial in the near future particularly in my college.

    Even though the development and the use of technology in my country does not as advanced as in Japan but in fact nowadays most of my students use mobile phone and some of them have their own netbook as its affordable prices. This reality called my attention in order to accelerate the way of leaning English by means of technology. I may be wrong if say that I think we have much in common particularly to explore alternative techniques in enhancing students learning English and make it happen in curriculum. I'm sure that this issue would be more interesting and advantageous.

    Have a nice work.