Week 8: So hectic but learned and thought a lot!!

What I learned and What I thought

1.    Discussion: Online tools for enhancing learning
First, I regret to say that I could not join the webinar by Jeff.  It was held in small hours of the morning in Japan.  I have been treated at home and I am not a night owl by birth. I hate time-zone difference!  In addition, I was late for the discussion of this week and had hard time catching up with my e-classmates, but I could learn a lot from their discussion.  For example, Blerta and Elmira showed me how to use Nicenet and a paper-based alternative.  Actually, I made my “Nicenet class”.  I cannot wait the time when I come back to school!  I am sure especially three 10th graders will enjoy it.  I also learned how to use Voicethread that I have not used before.  ANVILL was a sort of overwhelming technology for me. It might take me a lot of time to get used to it.  “Hotpotatoes” is helpful tool for me to make quizzes or activities both on-line and off-line. I taught a 5th grader, a 6th grader, and three 10th graders.  In each class, students are very interested in English and sometimes want some more activities to do by him/herself.  I hope these might promote their autonomy. 

2.    Task: Create an online course site or an exercise to use online or offline
I made a class-wiki on Google.  Actually I gave up making wiki several times because it was not easy for me to understand how to make it.  So, this was my 5th or 6th challenge.  I was very glad to get an affirmative comment from Robert, and look forward to using it when I come back home.

3.    Project Task 7: First draft and peer review
I managed to write my first draft for the final project plan.  My proofreader, Andi, gave me a checklist for my draft with very helpful comments.  Only a few days left to the deadline of the final project, but I will do my best to complete it.  My final project is full of what I learned in this course and from my e-classmates and what I thought about my students.  I hope this project plan reflects on her individualized syllabus for the next school year.

4.    Others.
I am sad to say that my health condition is not so good, and I could spend only an hour in total, not continuously at most in front of computer and not every day.  I hope I can spend more time this week and learn much more.  Only two weeks are left including this week to the end of this wonderful course!

Toward the end? goal? of this course...
I feel I can see and grasp something.

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  1. Hi Maza,I guess you and all of us have learned a lot of new things from last week.I personally thought that I was going to be able to attend the webinar but things are hard here at that time and I had classes. ANVILL, NICENT AND BLOGGER were my main issue this week. Congratulation for sharing all of this information, it gives me more ideas about my activities in class.