Week 7: What I did and what I learned

What I learned and What I thought
1. Learner autonomy
I would like to pick up some impressive words and give my comment for each.

[An examination-dominated system]---in Sheu’s article.
This phrase describes the English classes in almost all the high schools, especially academic ones in Japan.  This also taught me “teacher autonomy” and “teacher-as-learner” autonomy.  I got tips from this article on my first post as to the discussion on learner autonomy “without technology” 

[‘Relevance’, ‘transparency’, and ‘accountability]---‘Interconnections: Learner Autonomy Teacher Autonomy’
According to the course of study for the Special-Needs school by MEXT (Ministry of Education and Technology) in Japan, students with disabilities can be taught based upon the individualized programs. This means that we do not necessarily use authorized textbooks.  These three words are the key words to make them.

[…from purveyor of information to counselor and manager of learning resources]…in Dimitrios’ article.
Still, I have strong interests in teacher’s roles in classes.  I got tips from these words on my second post as to the discussion on learner autonomy “with technology” and Task 7.
(I was very glad when I got a affirmative message from Courtney.)
I wonder there would be more roles that teachers must play than those I had mentioned in the former diary on the book by H.D.Brown.
I also learn the importance of “self-esteem” in autonomous learners.  When I first read this chapter, 4.3, I strongly felt that the first role for teachers to foster autonomous learners is to enhance this. 

2. Task: Create a sample lesson for a one-computer classroom
I thought “Skype” and “Facebook” were the key items to make a computer play more tha two roles, such as a resource and a communication tool. Robert gave me some advice. Thanks to that, I could revise and correct small mistakes in the plan.

3. Others
I have to confess that I have to change my final project to “only for those not currently teaching” format because I have to recuperate at home for two months with medical certificate.  Yet, my doctor allows me to get out of bed for 4-5 hours a day, and of course to study on-line.  It will be my happiest hours in a day.  Still, I am enthusiastic and do my best to complete this course with other e-classmates and my partner, Andy.

Going up toward the end with all e-classmates!


  1. Hello Masa,

    This is a very good summary of what you did during this week.

    I'm sorry that at the moment you are not feeling very good, but however, you are doing a great job. You even could participate in the two discussions, a thing that I couldn't do very effectively this week because the lack of time, as I have been very busy with work and other activities.

    Of course that you will be able to complete this course as you are doing a great job till now.

    I truly believe that you will be good very soon and will complete this course very successfully.

    Warm regards from Kosovo,

    P.S. I liked the picture. It's very nice.

  2. Hello, Blerta

    Thank you for your comment.
    I am now encouraged by your heart-warming words.
    Though I am not in my best condition, I will do my best to enjoy this course with Robert and my great e-classmates together.

    I do hope you complete this course with a very fruitful final project successfully.

    Warm and best regards from Japan

    Thank you your comment on my picture!
    Have you tried scuba-diving?